Custom Crating and packing

Artcore combines quality construction practices and materials to build crates that are high in quality while maintaining a competitive in price. Our attention to detail proves that even an object as utilitarian as a crate can be designed with an eye towards high style. Artcore custom-designs all its crates to be user-friendly, simplifying the act of unpacking or repacking the artwork on site for your customer.

Quality construction and packing of custom crates
Each crate is built to carefully protect the artwork during periods of transport or storage. Our packaging materials are carefully selected to minimize the stress to the object during packing and unpacking.

Specializing in a variety of one-way & multi-use crates
At Artcore, we don't believe in cookie-cutter crates. Whether designed as a one-way crate or for multiple uses, each crate is computer designed and built to meet the unique needs of an object or the subtle preferences of your client. The result is a variety of crating options that offer build-to-suit convenience at a surprisingly competitive price. Artcore also offers a line of fully lined prefabricated HT standard crates for your shipping needs.

Signature Finish
Artcore’s signature finish option makes for a crate that stands out in a crowd, while offering an added layer of protection against nature's elements. Signature Finish may be combined with any crating option.

Type of Crates: