Artcore technicians are called upon to balance skills found in many disciplines, including delicate cargo handling, thoughtful design and presentation and the analytics of a rigger. Our technicians are adept at handling oversize objects and priceless artifacts with:


Fine art rigging is as a much skill as it is art, requiring a mastery of materials and equipment. Artcore specializes in basic and advanced fine art rigging, assembly, installation, re-location, and de-installation of large-scale and complex objects. We maintain and operate a fleet of specialized equipment and vehicles for the express purpose of art rigging. Our expertise and experience, ensures that Artcore will customize a safe, efficient, and economical solution specific to the needs of our clients.


Artcore North Carolina Monument Park located outside the flood plain and tornado registry, on secure limited access property.

Amenities include:

Viewing Room

Artcore offers private viewing rooms available for presentations, sales, photography, conservation, and any other collection or individual artwork needs.

Viewing Room 1 Features:

Viewing Room 2 Features:

Both rooms are equipped with: