Artcore provides complete transportation arrangements via land, sea or air for works traveling to any destination in the world.

local services

Our specialized fleet of vehicles can serve your small runs to the framer or the massive retrieval from the foundry. All our trucks are custom built to the specific needs of our specialized industry. Each truck is outfitted for maximum capacity while maintaining absolute safe control. Some of the standard equipment includes:


When a shuttle is not right for you because of time constraints or volume, Artcore can help. Our exclusive use service vehicles are designed for rapid response to any location in the United States within 5 days or less. Our exclusive trucks have a response coast to coast and returning to NY is less than 8 days. Our trucks are custom equipped for each job, but always maintain dual driver/technicians, an unheard of 92” x 205” custom level-lift lift gate for dock level or ground deliveries. Each truck has a clear minimum height of 105" at the door and a full 144" clear interior height ceiling to accommodate your largest objects. In addition each truck is equipped with climate controlled environment both humidity and temperature, air ride equipped, satellite tracked for accurate dispatch and peace of mind. Artcore can be anywhere and everywhere in just about no time.

Shuttle Services

Artcore operates a domestic shuttle system with transport to all major cities in the United States on a regular basis. Each shuttle truck is equipped to meet you door to door needs whether you are moving a single artwork or an entire collection.


We pride ourselves in operating one of the most unique and flexible feet of vehicles in the HVG and Fine Art community. When called upon to move objects that require permitting and open trucks, we have the right equipment for the job. Artcore has the capability to move up to objects 156” tall and up to 70 tons without exceeding the national height restriction of 13’ 6”. Also available, on request, we can provide specialized equipment to supplement the seamless completion of your job.

Artcore does not subcontract work to other vendors and can provide point to point service, anywhere in the lower 48 states.